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Ecocapsule Rental

Ecocapsule Rental

We are very happy to inform you that apart from the development, production and sale of Ecocapsules®, we are launching a completely new rental project. We want to place rental Ecocapsules® on beautiful locations all around the world – in natural, as well as urban environments. Whether you want to try before buying or just need a great place to stay, you can book a night (or several nights!) in Ecocapsule®.

We are currently looking for business partners with beautiful locations all around the world for placing rental Ecocapsules. We provide the capsule, you provide the place and services.
If you think you have an amazing spot and have previous experience in hospitality business, feel free to contact us at:

Ecocapsule at Zuckermandel, Bratislava (Slovakia)

Our first rental Ecocapsule® was placed in Zuckermandel - a part of Bratislava's Old Town. It was located on a footbridge connecting the new quarter and the Danube riverbank with a beautiful view overlooking the river.