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Get your own [art]piece of Ecocapsule

What is Ecocapsule?

Ecocapsule is a one-of-a-kind, self-sustainable micro-home with a unique futuristic design. It is the result of the efforts of an architect couple interested in giving life to self-sustainable housing. Loved by the public and celebrities – Ecocapsule went viral and had massive global coverage in top media, actor and activist Susan Sarandon recently got one for herself, and it was exhibited at the NYCx DESIGN festival. Now it is also one of the rare NTFs that connect a real object to a digital art piece.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are digital art pieces, which you can buy on certain platforms, made from digital artists. An NFT is based on algorithmic blockchain technology, but very simplified, an NFT is just like if you bought a piece of classical art, e.g. a painting by Monet in the real world. Except here, everything is digital and crypto, both the art, the auctions, and the money.

Why Ecocapsule as NFT?

The designers behind Ecocapsule have created NFTs highlighting pressing ecological issues. As a SPECIAL bonus – 1 NFT sells with a real exclusively designed piece of Ecocapsule in an auction. All NFTs are available on, which runs on the much more ecological cryptocurrency Tezos. Tezos blockchain uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus protocol to verify transactions, requiring an estimated 25 million times less energy than Bitcoin or 1.5 million times less than Ethereum per transaction. Raised funds will be used for further development of Ecocapsule and other systems enabling users to utilize renewable energies on a larger scale. Secondly, design is art, and we want to underline Ecocapsule’s unique design. Last, but not least, we want to give you an opportunity to be part of our Ecocapsule family and to support our vision.


Guerilla Gardening

speaks for the idea of producing food locally and encouraging society to restore food self-sufficiency.

Energy Wasted

shows how little solar energy we collect and how much is absorbed by the ground without benefitting humankind.

Floating Shit

draws attention to the issue of ocean plastic pollution.

Carbon Love

says, "If you go to nature, leave no trace behind you and nature will love you".

Don’t Shoot me

criticizes animal trophy hunts in Africa.

This NFT is linked with exclusive limited edition 1/1 of Ecocapsule physical piece in the same unique design as in video NFT.