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Ecocapsule Queen is entering the Metaverse

Ecocapsule is beautiful, mobile and energy independent micro-unit in real world /IRL/. Ecocapsule would like start building its presence in metaverse, therefore it is introducing its genesis limited edition of 3D NFTs, Ecocapsule Queen, mother of all Ecocapsules. 3D NFTs might be building, studio, NFT gallery or your space in virtual worlds. We decided to launch this edition in Superworld, leading AR metaverse, so Ecocapsules can be located in most beautiful plots around the world both in real and virtual worlds. We decided to use Polygon for our NFT as it is very much aligned with Ecocapsule's sustainable philosophy.



Mother of all Ecocapsules is beautiful, luxuriously looking micro - space in metaverse. It is your home, where you start your journeys and where you come back after your wanderings through virtual worlds. By owning Ecocapsule NFT, you are becoming part of the Ecocapsule family. Our ultimate goal is our sustainable future in any world, we know. Ecocapsule for Ukraine limited edition is designed to support people in Ukraine during the war.

3D NFT – GLB model

Ecocapsule for Ukraine, 3D NFT - GLB Model